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        About Fisher

        For over 30 years, Fisher International has helped companies across all aspects of the pulp and paper industry drive better performance. Combining deep data with powerful analytics, expert consulting and training, Fisher helps uncover smarter solutions that support our clients’ ongoing operations and long-term goals. As a result, your people will not only appreciate the value in leveraging business intelligence to inform decisions – they will be inspired by it.

        Leveraging business intelligence to create value and drive decisions that lead to the best possible outcomes

        Uncovering smarter solutions to help you answer your big, capital-intensive questions

        Surfacing insights to help foster actionable, replicable planning across all levels of your organization

        Revealing a path for sustainable growth

        Combining our deep industry expertise with your custom data to help you discover opportunities and mitigate vulnerabilities

        Meet the team

        Peter J. Stewart

        Peter J. Stewart
        President and Chief Executive Officer

        Pete Stewart?is a 26-year veteran of the forest products industry. In 2000, he founded Forest2Market, the only transaction-based wood fiber pricing service in the industry. Twenty years later, Forest2Market is a provider of wood raw material pricing data and supply chain expertise to the forest products industry worldwide. In 2019, when Battery Ventures purchased both Forest2Market and Fisher International, Stewart–a long-time trusted…Read Full Bio ?

        Rod Fisher
        Special Advisor

        Rod Fisher founded Fisher International in 1985 with the goal to bring informed decision-making to the activities pulp and paper professionals engage in every day. With research resources in nearly every pulp and paper producing country in the world, Fisher International’s expert consultants, databases, analytic technologies, and business management tools…?Read Full Bio ?

        Stanley Okoro
        Vice President of Product Development

        Coming to Fisher via Mobil and Shell, Stanley Okoro oversees Fisher’s worldwide strategic and tactical direction. With the mission to support data informed decision-making in the industry, Stanley has responsibility for operations, product development, solutions delivery, global sales, and strategic alliances…?Read Full Bio ?

        Matt Elhardt
        Vice President of Global Sales

        Matt Elhardt is a Strategic Planning professional with 20 years of pulp and paper industry experience in sales, marketing, product development, and operations. His area of expertise is identifying growth potential and achieving performance end-goals through strategic management, pricing and margin optimization…?Read Full Bio ?

        Marcelo Collares is VP Latin America

        Marcello Collares
        Vice President, Latin America

        Marcello Collares has spent over 15 years of his professional career in the Latin American pulp and paper industry focusing on expansion planning and growth initiatives, management strategy, asset investment, production and cost structure, and commercial operations optimization…?Read Full Bio ?

        Marko Summanen is VP of Europe.

        Marko Summanen
        Vice President, Europe

        Marko Summanen is a career paper industry professional with over 20 years of experience across strategic, tactical, engineering, and sales functions as well as a worldwide scope that includes China, Southeast Asia, the U.S., Canada, and several European countries…?Read Full Bio ?

        Neo Wu is Regional Head for China.

        Neo Wu
        Regional Head, China

        Neo Wu is a paper industry professional with over 10 years of experience in R&D, market research, and consulting in business development and strategic planning. At Fisher, Neo is instrumental in helping pulp and paper producers and industry suppliers emerge from the frenetic growth phase that characterized…?Read Full Bio ?

        Ville Nikkanen
        Regional Sales Manager, Europe

        Ville Nikkanen is responsible for sales and business development in Europe.?He has over 20 years of professional experience in the paper and board industry from both the supplier and producer perspectives, 15 of these have been in product sales in Europe (primarily in German-speaking countries) as well as Asia (primarily China and Japan)…?Read Full Bio ?

        Daniel Stuber is VP Operations.

        Daniel Stuber
        Vice President of Operations

        A member of the Executive Team for Fisher International and Forest2Market, Stuber is responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of all analytic, data management and project-based work, including resource studies, site evaluations and specialty forecasts. He is also responsible for maintaining and establishing data resource partnerships….?Read Full Bio ?

        Christine Murphy is CFO of Fisher International.

        Christine Murphy
        Chief Financial Officer

        A member of the Executive Team for Fisher International and Forest2Market, Christine Murphy is responsible for all of the financial functions including accounting, treasury, corporate finance, financial planning, and investor relations. She also administers all human resources activities…Read Full Bio ?

        Carl Rowell is Director of IT.

        Carl Rowell
        Director of Information Technology

        A member of the Executive Team, Carl Rowell manages information technology for Fisher International and Forest2Market. He formulates IT strategy? and manages the delivery platforms?for both companies. He also leads a team of web developers responsible for product development…Read Full Bio ?

        Suz-Anne Kinney

        Suz-Anne Kinney
        Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications

        A member of the Executive Team, Kinney is responsible for the development, integration, and implementation of a broad range of global marketing and public relations activities relative to the strategic direction and positioning of the organization and its leadership,…?Read Full Bio ?

        Brian LaPalm
        Director of Research

        Brian LaPalm’s role at Fisher International is to create systems that “let data speak to decision makers.” He leads an international research team of highly knowledgeable papermakers who also help form the rules and data checks which make the Fisher database …?Read Full Bio ?

        Clay Enos
        Director, Business Intelligence Consulting

        With more than 15 years in pulp and paper, distinguished by experience from both the supplier and producer perspectives, Clay Enos brings deep industry understanding to his role leading the Business Intelligence consulting team at Fisher International.?In addition to technical expertise…?Read Full Bio ?

        Our global team of senior pulp and paper industry consultants, directors and product managers brings expertise across all geographies, sectors, specializations and departments

        Bill Burns
        Senior Consultant

        Bill Burns is the consummate paper industry professional with more than three decades of operations management, manufacturing strategy, and product development experience. During his tenure at Georgia-Pacific and its legacy companies…?Read Full Bio ?

        Hui Choi
        Country Manager, South Korea

        Hui Choi brings nearly 30 years of pulp and paper industry experience to his position at Fisher, where he specializes in market research and analysis for all pulp and paper grades, as well as helping Fisher clients in South Korea drive their business development activities…?Read Full Bio ?

        Amy Chu
        Senior Consultant

        Amy Chu has over 10 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry, with core competencies centering around data mining and analysis, and cost modeling. As a member of Fisher’s consulting team in China, Amy helps clients transition to a managed investment model…?Read Full Bio ?

        Subhash Deodhar
        Senior Consultant

        With extensive managerial experience in pulp and paper product development, quality control, and process improvements, Subhash Deodhar is the consummate problem solver analyzing complex situations to find elegant solutions, overcome challenges, and identify opportunities…?Read Full Bio ?

        Marja Eskman
        Senior Consultant

        Marja Eskman draws on her extensive experience to bring consulting services to Fisher’s global client base. Her background, analytical skills, and knowledge of the entire value chain of the pulp and paper industry bring tremendous value to Fisher’s customers…?Read Full Bio ?

        Cathy Greenleaf
        Senior Consultant

        Cathy Greenleaf has more than two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and new business development in the pulp and paper industry.?Prior to joining Fisher International, Cathy held senior management positions with major equipment suppliers including Ingersoll-Rand, Beloit Corporation…?Read Full Bio ?

        Nancy Hasson
        Senior Consultant

        Nancy Hasson brings more than 20 years of experience in the paper, packaging, and chemical industry to Fisher International. She has held roles in corporate marketing and consulting for major companies including Georgia-Pacific, WestRock, Lonza, and Proctor & Gamble…?Read Full Bio ?

        Pirita Huotari
        Senior Consultant

        Pirita Huotari began her paper industry career as Project Manger supporting business development initiatives including shutdown coordination and project delivery management. At Valmet, she applied her talent for elegant problem solving to develop processes and tools that take better advantage of data…?Read Full Bio ?

        Bruce Janda
        Senior Consultant

        Bruce Janda has over 40 years of experience in the paper and nonwoven industry, specializing in tissue and towel products and processes, from concept through manufacturing and commercialization.?His extensive experience on world class, high-speed tissue and TAD machines in North America and Europe include…?Read Full Bio ?

        Guoming Lu
        Senior Consultant

        Following both the technical and commercial arch of paper making in China for the last 30 years, Guoming Lu has built business intelligence expertise from production to distribution across all the main grades, fiber materials, and processes.?Known to his colleagues as the “industry bible,” his vast knowledge…?Read Full Bio ?

        Urban Lundberg
        Senior Consultant

        Urban Lundberg is a paper industry professional whose career as an executive in sales, marketing, manufacturing, and business development spans strategic and operational roles in business unit management, M&A integration, organizational structuring and development, and Greenfield management…?Read Full Bio ?

        Patricia Marques
        Senior Consultant

        Patricia Marques has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning across a variety of segments in the forest products value chain. Her areas of expertise include industrial and consumer packaging, printing and writing, and tissue papers.?As a Senior Consultant at Fisher International, Patricia advises industry and financial clients…?Read Full Bio ?

        Katie Mencke
        Senior Consultant

        Katie Mencke has extensive consulting experience in the pulp and paper industry advising clients on operational strategy and capital planning. As a member of Fisher’s consulting team, she is tasked with developing effective asset performance analyses and modeling for long term asset investment planning…?Read Full Bio ?

        Li Meng
        Senior Consultant

        Li Meng has a solid track record of experience in the pulp and paper industry, with core competencies in economics and data analysis. As a member of Fisher’s consulting team in China, Li is tasked with applying her unique skills to help clients drive operational excellence based upon data-informed…?Read Full Bio ?

        Joanna Wilhelm
        Senior Consultant

        With over 20 years of paper industry experience, Joanna Wilhelm brings exceptional project management and operational leadership skills to her position as Senior Consultant.?Joanna’s experience in providing project management guidance and leadership for cross-functional and cross-division projects…?Read Full Bio ?

        Min Xia
        Senior Consultant

        Min Xia has more than 10 years of pulp and paper industry consulting experience with a focus on Asia Pacific strategy development in packaging, tissue, and market pulp.?As a member of Fisher’s consulting team in Guangzhou and Shanghai, Min is tasked with helping clients transition to a managed investment model…?Read Full Bio ?

        Fisher International helps clients across all sectors of pulp and paper enhance their decision-making and performance. These are just some of our many partnerships.

        What our clients say

        • "Fisher International's analytical tools and industry expertise provide the foundation for delivering valuable understanding and insights into our business"
          Steve Voorhees, PresidentWestRock
        • “Fisher’s CRM tool is a natural fit for our pulp and paper selling process. It makes the sales funnel completely visible from top to bottom in our organizations. That allows us to communicate better internally so that we effectively deploy resources to help solve problems for our customer. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and with Fisher as a business partner.”
          Billy Ford, SVP RBU Paper, NAFTAKemira
        • “My experience at IP was that Fisher allowed us to answer significant questions and make decisions supported by credible, detailed data.”
          Richard Phillips, Former SVPInternational Paper
        • “As a technology and services company, we believe in precision and reliability. We adopted FisherSolve after extensive review. It will make us a better supplier from product development through sales and marketing. Further, it supports our Services business helping us take care of our customer base.”
          Christer Sch?nberg, VP of Strategy and M&AValmet
        • “We’re constantly surprised at how much insight we can get so easily with FisherSolve. We’re discovering more and more decisions we can support with it across our business, both as a supplier to paper mills and a competitor in pulp. It’s an amazing product.”
          Bill Adams, Director of Sustainability & TechnologyCanfor Pulp
        • “We find FisherSolve to be extremely valuable for prospecting and understanding our market space. In fact, we wish a similar tool was available for our businesses outside of pulp and paper.”
          Mark Meixner, Director of Business DevelopmentSolenis
        • “FisherSolve is our trusted source for market intelligence. It is clear that Fisher is seeking the truth in its cost curves and their quantitative approach gives us the certainty we need. Fisher’s professionalism is evident not only in the product, but also in their great service.”
          John D. Benson, Director of Marketing, Mill DivisionKapStone
        • “I have been extremely impressed with FisherSolve. It’s one of the most comprehensive industry databases for plant information and its visualization toolset is second to none—the industry gold standard. The data is always current and it easily exports to one’s favorite application or reporting tool."
          Maina Macharia, Product ManagerRockwell Automation
        • “FisherSolve is better than any of the competitive products we’ve seen largely because of the quality and detailed nature of the data. And their consulting team is highly informed and very responsive.”
          Fraser Hart, Director of Sales for North America PulpResolute
        • “As a supplier of drying solution to the paper and board industry, we use FisherSolve extensively for gathering market intelligence and mill information, as well as keeping up to date with the latest market evolutions. The quality of the data has proven to be of a very high level. This allows us to look at the different market segments per region and product groups and to obtain information about specific machines for customers we have not worked with recently. FisherSolve is a unique package; we have not found anything of close to comparable performance for other markets we are serving today.”  
          Dr. Yannick Lescanne, Vice PresidentBekaert Solaronics
        • “Fisher is my one-stop resource for mill intelligence and cost benchmarking. Now more than ever, this information is vital to making well-informed decisions to help navigate these challenging times.”
          Heath Frye, Marketing ManagerGlatfelter
        • “We have many salespeople out there but with today's ever changing landscapes of pulp and paper ownership and operating details, Fisher helps to keep us informed of changes.”
          Debra Breed, Global Marketing DirectorAFT
        • “Our whole business model is built around bringing value to our customers. Fisher has been tremendous in helping us demonstrate and document that value.”
          VP of North American SalesMajor Paper Industry Chemicals Supplier
        • “Proven product with great support people.”
          Todd Haskins, Strategic Business ManagerAstenJohnson
        • “With help from Fisher’s research group, consultants, and the FisherSolve database, we have uncovered pertinent information that will help us make data-driven strategic decisions. I am very impressed with Fisher’s resources. Your dedication and quality of information is by far the most detailed for the industry.”
          Nathan McCord, Market Manager for Paper and AdhesivesSonoco Products Company
        • “AkzoNobel’s Pulp and Paper Chemicals business uses Fisher’s CRM because it links to FisherSolve’s powerful database. I use it regularly for everything from sales preparation to strategy development to forecasting and budgeting. The people that support me from Fisher are a pleasure to deal with and very responsive.”
          Terry Schmidt, Corporate Accounts ManagerAkzoNobel
        • “We use FisherSolve to determine which projects merit a deep dive assessment, challenge purported opportunities, and provide convincing arguments to advance clients’ and partners’ objectives. My forays into FisherSolve have landed more projects – justified by FisherSolve numbers – than I can address within the work day!
          Greg DeLozier, Business Development ManagerNovozymes
        • “Fisher and FisherSolve have had a big impact on us already and we’re discovering new ways to use them every day.”
          John O’Neal, EVP Strategy and DevelopmentWestRock
        • “FisherSolve helps us serve our customers better—one of our most important objectives along with being better than the competition.”
          Global Strategic Marketing DepartmentHoneywell
        • “I have used all of the industry directories and databases. I have found Fisher data to be the most useful with more accurate detailed information than any of the other industry information services—making it much more valuable.”
          Chuck Klass, PresidentKlass Associates
        • “An insightful resource. With depth and breadth of analysis for mills around the world, Fisher International has proven itself valuable in a number of areas for our company."
          Jim Sheibley, Director of Business and Product Development Specialty PapersNewPage
        • "I really appreciate the specific machine details that FisherSolve has, so I use it daily to look up pertinent information quickly and easily. The site code system of collecting data is excellent and the improvements have been incredible."
          Area Sales ManagerMajor Global PM Equipment Manufacturer
        • "FisherSolve is our trusted source for market intelligence. It is clear that Fisher is seeking the truth in its cost curves and their quantitative approach gives us the certainty we need. Fisher’s professionalism is evident in the product.“
          Paper Sales and Marketing ManagerMajor North American Pulp and Paper Producer
        • “You guys have a real grasp of how we think about problems. With FisherSolve we find the strategic answers to questions and then drill down to show the sales force how and where to act on them. Presentations the tool creates are visual and forceful. Seeing a mill flow sheet in FisherSolve is almost like going there. And a subscription gets you access to Fisher’s industry consultants who are good problem-solvers. I’ve used Fisher’s products for many years. Phenomenal.”
          Darren Swales, Director, Business and Applications Management, Paper, NAFTAKemira
        • “FisherSolve is the best source of information for the pulp and paper industry and an invaluable tool. They keep us constantly updated with the latest changes in every mill throughout the world. With FisherSolve, we can quickly acquire the information we need to help provide the best?solutions for our customers.”
          Jane Adams, Marketing ManagerRyeco
        • “FisherSolve is a fantastic tool. I hope pulp and paper industry stakeholders realize that it’s something they should have in their tool cart! They would make better, more profitable, and more viable decisions if they did.”
          Hon. Gerry Byrne, Member of the Queen’s Privy CouncilMember of Parliament, Canada
        • “FisherSolve is a very valuable tool in helping Celanese understand its opportunities in the paper space --- a single, trusted source of information about our customers, prospects, and markets. Fisher’s data is continually updated which gives me confidence that it is accurate and current; more so than static market reports from other sources.”
          Elise Cruel, Market Manager for Industrial EmulsionsCelanese
        • “Year after year, FisherSolve has been an essential tool in developing our strategic Marketing and Sales plan…?in addition to the great database and user interface, we also benefit from having access to their experienced personnel.”
          Marketing ManagerMajor Supplier of Chemicals to the Paper Industry
        • “There’s really no other database that describes the industry as well as the Fisher database.”
          David Bell, VP Corporate RelationsTAPPI
        • “We won’t be able to provide a testimonial due to the legislation governing our contracting procedures... However, let me assure you privately that we deeply value Fisher’s products, which add a lot to our ability to create effective and timely public policy.”
          AnonymousMajor Government Organization
        • “Fisher has proven to be very customer focused. They’ve helped us take a powerful dataset and customize its use and design to get the maximum value. We have been very pleased with our Fisher relationship.”
          Christen Dellett, Purchasing and Logistics Team LeaderAstenJohnson
        • “FisherSolve has helped our organization tremendously in sourcing paper products. As a paper exporter, we received many inquiries on various types of paper, linerboard and paperboard from our customers. FisherSolve provides the wealth of information we need to conduct further research on paper mills.”
          Ming Tan, Business AnalystITOCHU
        • “Given the huge investment required by the pulp and paper market, we had to have the best possible information and analysis. We chose Fisher because we believe their data-driven methodology and powerful software gets us the best insights available.”
          Neehar Aggarwal, COOBILT
        • “We have used FisherSolve for several years. We find it easy to use, fast, and flexible to meet our analytical needs.”
          Curtis Short, Vice PresidentNewPage
        • “FisherSolve is very important to our business. On a strategic basis, it gives us data we need to decide how and where to invest. On a tactical basis, it’s a good sales tool that provides the information for sales and to tailor our sales plans. The accuracy of the data is quite good.”
          Global Segment ManagerMajor Capital Equipment Provider
        • “FisherSolve’s algorithm costs simulation is very accurate which makes it a valuable tool to identify apparent gaps and opportunities to improve cost position.”
          Dr. Ronalds W. Gonzalez, Faculty Conversion Economics, Finance and Supply ChainNorth Carolina State University

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